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  1. We are constantly having issues with licensing because we use pooled VDI. Now when I log into the ELA site, there is now way to deactivate seats. The check boxes are no longer displayed so you cannot select them. I have tried accessing the ELA website with Chrome, IE 11, and Edge browsers and none of them display the check boxes.
  2. You can setup two profiles. One for LAN and one for Internet. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3621/
  3. If you are using non-persistent VDI, definitely do not use ESET v6. v5 works great on Pooled VDI. Their new licensing broke VDI implementation.
  4. LocknetSSmith, any luck with the new process?
  5. We utilized a Pooled Desktops for the majority of our infrastructure. I am still running v5 on them because of this issue.
  6. What about migrating the MySQL DB to MS SQL for those wanting to move off of the Virtual Appliance to a Windows Server?
  7. They can gather your PC name, IP Address, MAC, Device Identifiers (like the serial number if available), a list of every installed application, all detected threats (including websites that were visited with threats). They cannot see your entire web history, only sites visited with malicious code.
  8. Moving from the OVA to a Windows Server would be helpful for everyone that deployed the Virtual Appliance and are now having issues with it.
  9. Update I was not able to find any reference to this so I deployed some test Virtual Desktops from an image that had EES 6 and ERA 6 agent. I activated EES, made sure it updated definitions, and made sure the correct policy was applied. I performed a test deployment of 10 pooled desktops from this image. I logged into several of them and verified that EES 6 is working as expected. As I logged out, the Virtual Desktops were deleted and more were spun up to take their place. Everything still worked as expected. Then I logged into the ERA server. Only the original Image VM shows up and one license is used by it. All of the Virtual desktop use just the one license from the image. All of the Virtual Desktops receive updates. I have also tested policy changes and these also update all of the Virtual Desktops. I have the ERA agent set to connect every 5 minutes for testing and the policies updates are pushed out then. On the details for the Computer it gives a subnet as the reported IP address ( I do not see individual information for the Virtual Desktops but, given they are all exactly the same this really doesn't have much affect. VDI Environment I use Dell's vWorkspace on Hyper-V. With HyperDeploy and Instant Provisioning, I can go from a Desktop image to 100 desktops in about 5 minutes. Instead of running SysPrep on the image VM, I simply run slmgr /rearm which resets the security ID (SID), clears any system restore points, and deletes event logs.
  10. I just logged in under my security admin and realized I also cannot deactivate any clients that were activated by ERA.
  11. https://forum.eset.com/topic/4444-appliance-os-update/?hl=%2Bappliance+%2Bupdate Found the answer in another post. It is ok to update just be sure to take a snapshot incase something breaks.
  12. There are several packages out of date on the Appliance. It even reports this on the ERA web console. Should we update the appliance like a typical CentOS server?
  13. Have you tried logging in to ELA with your license key?
  14. How does the new licensing affect Pooled Virtual Desktops that are deleted and recreated constantly? Will I end up having to manually remove clients from ELA? How does activation work when the new Desktops are created?
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