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  1. 1. I've done everything written in article but it didnt help. My wifi connecting time is about 4-5 seconds after log in. I think it causes the problem. But I dont understand , why Updater is trying to update only one time??? No retries at all. A little bit stupid.
  2. 1. Will try it, thanks for advice. 2. So why Update schedule task has been set to Wait until the next schedule time but not to Run the task as soon as possible by default? Thanks for answer
  3. Hi everybody. I've a problem with updating NOD32 Antivirus with schedule after night. 1. Error "Server not found". I know that this can be because of delay of WLAN connection to Internet. So this generally not a big problem and not main question of this thread. 2. Another question - why schedule is executing exactly after I turn on the computer in the morning with these settings? If it didnt run at night it should NOT run exactly after I turning on the computer but on next schedule time!!! Please explain this! Thanks))
  4. Thats what I call professional answer Its worked! I've Administrator account with UAC enabled. But unchecking "Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts" solved the problem.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm not sure, but I think it is a bug. NOD32 version: OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 English latest updates Description: Exclude from scan is not working when using this method. Selecting this checkbox does not add file to Exclusion list and Antivirus of course show warning again after try to access the file. Exclusions list is blank. If I manually add file to Exclusions its working, antivirus shows no warnings anymore. But I would like to use checkbox to automatically add file to exclusions! Thanks! Sorry for my english.
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