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  1. Description: Add autorun protection - default block/delete of any autorun.inf files


    Detail:  AVIRA program automatically blocks any autorun.inf file and this is very successful of preventing malware from removable media.

    I favor also Autorun Eater which can block and delete autorun.inf files which spread malware.

    If you create an option for ESET to automatically block and/or delete any autorun.inf file, this would help against malware from removable media.


    Do not worry about false positives - you can create an option with a pop-up to ask the user, you can also make this function non-default, you can make it user dependant (like yellow PUP screen)

  2. Description: Dump firewall in ESET Smart Security and ESET Endpoint Security - replace with Windows Firewall Control and integration



    Microsoft ends support of outdated Windows XP. Windows Firewall in Windows Vista SP1, 7 and 8 is based on WFP.
    Windows Firewall is fairly easy and simple. Microsoft allows way to integrate 3rd parties with it.

    I also believe that this integration would be better of program side and would cause less issues than 3rd party own drivers and architecture.

    Instead of own firewall, rely on Windows Firewall and enhance it with something like Windows Firewall Control.







  3. Since the new forum came live and since now we have a lot better differentiation of products and topic (than the previous forum), one can notice than this subforum Malware Finding and Cleaning is quite empty. Actually, if you think, you will notice than even Wilderssecurity was not that full of malware complaints (compared to previous time or some other vendors' forums).


    Does this mean that ESET products are really that good and they do their job perfectly, and do not need any manual additional assistance. Good job ESET !  :)  When you do your job the right way you should be praised ^_^

  4. Hello er34

    Thank you for your explanation er34 :)  . No, my thoughts, .....and I could have explained it better, was not a forum with the use of tools like those already mentioned in your post. But a forum using the tools Eset already have and use.And a forum where we also would find Knowledge Base videos, illustrating guiding /learning the user to better to use those tools. An example is Sysinspector, a great solid tool with lots of opportunities. But a basic learning video, explaining how to use it, would benefit all.

    (I know that we already have a " How do I create a SysInspector log and submit it to ESET Customer Care for analysis? ")


    Regards, Janus


    Thank you both for your replies. Yes, I now agree with you :) I find it good idea this way .




    ESET has a variety of programs which are written and tested to the same standards as our other software for removing malware and/or repairing post-infection damage.

    I would imagine these are the programs which would be referenced in an ESET-operated malware cleaning forum.




    Aryeh Goretsky

  5. Hello,


    I am posting because I just found out that people could post in this forum as Guests - not even registerer and logged in. What is even more - people could even reply to an existing threads as guest. (The above posts = I made them)


    In my opinion, this is serious privacy issue and should not be allowed. Is this by design and is it going to be allowed ?



  6. This is truly a great initiative, and can hold great potential if the sub forum as er34 writes, will become a anti-malware services for ESET users like HijackThis etc. It will definitely give the customer/Eset user a better experience if they should be so fortunate to run into malware issues. And bye the way, a better chance that the customer stays.


    Regards, Janus

    No, I don't think this is a good idea and I do not think this kind of service(s) make the client stay. Actually, this may turn the client to another free solution which is free in the first place and also provides free anti-malware services or advises. Additionally, many of the tools like MBAM/ComboFix are unprofessional (kind of amateur - not really but not 100% professional) so it would be a bad business image for such things.


    I saw the subsection I that is why I posted about it, not that I think it is a good idea :)

  7. No, why ?


    Keep it simple - the way it is now is fine.

    This forums needs not to become like some others with tons of subforums and subsections.

    These things are used to help the other major business products, so I don't think there is business value for such thing, additionally if further subsections like this one starts to appear, it might turn to become bloatware at some time. Keep it simple, please :)








  8. Please, do NOT add futher emoticons/smileys in the forum.
    These present now are just fine - I have always loves these only. I don't like forums with tons of emoticons :wacko:











    TESTING IMAGE / URL - should be PC virus:


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