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  1. It installed on 5.0.2 HTC One M9, but the Anti-Theft remote test does not work. The control panel at my.eset.com returned an error that it cannot communicate with the device, however the device is connected to the Internet and works fine otherwise. The ESET device app shows no indication of anything wrong. I have opened a support case but have recieved no helpful suggestions so far. This looks to me like a major flaw.
  2. I am evaluating ESET Mobile Security for Android on my new HTC One M9 running 5.0.2. When I logged onto your website to perform an Anti-Theft test, the test was running for a long time, then reported "The device could not be reached". My device is connected to the Internet via my home Wi-Fi so how can this be? All other apps are working fine. Can you explain, or offer any assistance in resolving this problem?
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