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  1. Dears , please find that i don't know how it synchronize time how did it get that time it must be GMT +2
  2. Dear Marcos , kindly note that i already did that steps and more
  3. Dear Jim , This machine installed since 2 April 2015 and also agent connects well for more than two times , please advice because that issue show more than these three machines . Anas Tohamy
  4. Dears , Hint about these servers Oracle installed on them . Any updates please ,,,,,,
  5. Hello Dears , I've ERA 6 file security for Microsoft servers there some server gives that critical issue Peer certificate is invalid , what i did to solve :- 1- Remove remote agent and installed again . 2- Un-install client itself and reinstall again . 3- Push certificate manually . but all of that didn't solve the problem. Thanks in advance.
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