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  1. I migrated from McAfee EPO about 18 months ago to ERA v5. I was very impressed, everything semed intuitive, after a quick read of the very comprehensive documentation I was able to achieve everything I wanted to very easily. I upgraded to ERA v6 in April. The documentation was sparse to say the least. I was no longer presented with an intuitive interface, trying to achieve even the most simple task required parsing through incomplete documentation and user forums. It was like a really unpopular opensource project. The default reporting is simply not good enough. If something fails I want to be able to pull up a report on why it failed very quiclkly. This should contain sufficient information to at least give me a chance of working out what went wrong. I certainly don't want to have to create a custom report template with adjusted verbosity for my specific issue then run the task again waiting for it to fail before running the custom report. Some very odd default behaviour choices have been made such as the "warn about all problems ever" as opposed to just current issues. Another one is when checking computer details to see which policies have been applied to a client I would expect the delete policy option to remove it from the client not delete the entire policy. There are lots of little "quirks" like this, they are not helpful. Whilst I appreciate the convenience of a web interface I have found that it is very slow in comparison to the ERA v5 application. This makes it feel like a step backwards. UI aesthetics are subjective and I appreciate that some people may find it attractive, I don't, it looks awful. If it was responsive and intuitive I could excuse this but sadly this is not the case. When I need to accomplish something in ERA v6 I get the same sense of dread I used to get when dealing with EPO and McAfee. ESET my license is up in April, you have until then to convince me to stay. Actions speak louder then words so please consider whether your time would be better spent writing a contrived response to my rant or assisting in making ERA v6 something less abhorrent.
  2. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your reply. Please see attached capture. For this I was using IE 11 and was attempting to visit hxxp://www.pornhub.com. WiresharkCapture.pcapng.gz
  3. I'm having problems with ERA 6 and Endpoint Security client web control. Under policies I have selected Web and Email >> Web Control >> Integrate into system and created a simple category group which essentially contains everything under adult materials (eg porn, child abuse, etc...). I have confirmed that the policy has been applied to endpoints. The check I carried out was to type "porn" into google and to open the first four links. All opened sucessfully indicating that the block list was not being applied. I added a url block for hxxp://sextv1.pland ensured this was applied. On checking this rule functioned as expected. Is there another step I need to take to have the category group applied? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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