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  1. I use ESET for many years on over 200 computers (with AC, Domain). I do web programming more years, and I can see exactly what the deficiencies in the new version (ERA 6). What all we can see is the feeling that we have no control, as in the previous version. This is mainly due to poor user interface which is slow, disorganized. Web interface looks like a template (google html admin templates) that can be purchased for developers, and are generally poorly designed, as is the case with this - a lot of content, no useful information (+ ugly interface, in my opinion). Example of poor interface and organizations: when scroll you waiting to be loaded computers on the network (but those who have already displayed over disappearing, so when you scroll top you again need to wait again for them to load). So, practically, when you have more than one computer, it is necessary, after every second to wait a few seconds to load other computers, whether to scroll up or down. This is disastrous deliberately, very irritating and slows down. By using the web interface is preferred for multi plaftorms, but in this case it is a very poorly designed. Because of the feeling that I have no control over the computers (and ERA looks like a semi-product) the first time after so many years of use ESET Products I am thinking to change it...
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