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  1. Hi, On Dynamic groups the install tasks only run once. How can I set a trigger that if a task fails it will rerun until the task is successfully completed? Now it is set when a client is added to the Dynamic group the install task runs. But when it fails it never runs again and I have to do a manual install task, which is not preferable with 300 endpoints.
  2. Hi, My policys are still in place. The weird thing is that the client names are different. In Active Directory OU they are displayed like pcname.domain.com and in the lost and found they are displayed only by pcname without domain name. Why do they not match or link to each other.
  3. Hi, We have configured a Dynamic group based on an expressing where the application ESET Endpoint Antivirus = false. But the new clients that have an agent installed always show up in the Lost & Found container. I dont want them there beacause there are no correct policys on that container. The strange thing is that in the container view, wich is recplicated from Active Directory, the client is shown in its AD OU and in the Lost & Found container. In the lost & found container the client is displayed in Red and configurerd with an agent. The client in the origina AD OU is standard, like there in nog agent installed. So why does the Remote Administrator show them twice, one correct and one not correct besides the fact that it is displayed in the lost & Found container. thanks Tim
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