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  1. dear ucvijan 1- do you have an ISA server work as gateway for you client? 2- do you used the built in policy for the agent and anti virus or create new policy for the agent and another one for the anti virus?
  2. i the one open the topic virus signature DB update end with error and you told me to come here too keep the discussion at one place i zip the cache the file and here is the like to download it. hxxp://www.mediafire.com/download/7d0bvyd3vzv1m60/cache.rar please advice
  3. here is the screen shot the is working from the client side. but it not work without index.html please advice
  4. i install HTTP proxy by follow this hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3637&viewlocale=en_US but without password on the proxy, and i create the two policy one for agent and one for eset security product, i install the agent and software to client no problems, client side: when i open setup, and advanced setup, then then pressing tools selecting Proxy server i found the server which have the http proxy on the right side but when i press detect i got no proxy server detected, the client does not take any update from the http proxy server i need help please
  5. i was having the same problem, but i found a report its name is agent deployment tasks information in last 30 days, press generate now. this report will tell you what is happening after install the agent what fail and why, if your client gateway is ISA server or the firewall is enable, the agent will not install to the c;ient, i dont know what ports to be open on the ISA to allow agent to be install.
  6. Most of our clients have no internet access or USB or CD only work on the intranet internally. that is why I don't want more traffic on our network, beside the VOIP and CAM servers, so we try to minimize the traffic as we can on the network. I want someone to show me how to update the virus DB on the server and how to change the interval. by the way the client is protected even if they get virus DB update every 12 or 8 horus.
  7. ok but i don't want to shortened the interval, i want to make it every 12 hours or 8 hours, i want to control it, i found very useful page explain how to install and configure proxy http on ERA 6 hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3637&viewlocale=en_US i install the apache http proxy and create the police, the next step to know how to deploy the update in certain hours like from 2 to 4 pm deploy update if I can't then to be every 8 hours,
  8. hi i new using ESET antivirus, i used to work with Symantec anti virus i have some issue to configure the ERA 6X, first i need to know how to download (setup update interval time) virus definition DB update on ERA server, to deploy it to client?
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