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  1. I've managed to fix the issue. Apparently this was caused by the 1Password Browser Plugin. Disabling it allowed me to log in.
  2. I've found out what was causing the issues with logging in. It works fine on Windows systems but on Mac OS X it can't seem to read the password field, which causes the error message. So this is clearly a bug in the web application. @bbraunstein: the funny thing was that I was deploying this on a vCenter server, as the user manual instructed. Nevertheless, I don't have any issues with editing an xml file, but it looks a bit primitive. The file also didn't contain a field for default gateway, but I've changed that manually in the OS.
  3. When I try to log in to the login page (https://ip_of_server:8443), I see the error message "Please enter a non-empty password", and then the login button is greyed out. I've verified that the credentials are correct. There is only one way for me to login, and that's by clicking on Change Password. When I change the password, I can log in. But I have to repeat this process every time I want to log in. It's the virtual appliance running on an ESXi server. Not sure if this is relevant, but during the OVF deployment of the appliance on vCenter I did not see a Properties screen, so I had to edit the ovf.xml file manually.
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