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  1. Not sure if this has been already implemented in the ERA6 version, but I noticed that if I have a large task (upgrading ER Agents on 200+ computer) - it would take weeks as some machines aren't on.  While it's stuck in this task, if I have a single task to deploy an agent on a computer I just added to the network - it would not run until I delete the previous task or wait until it's completed.


    Perhaps making a requirement to prioritize the tasks? That way I can set the large jobs to be low and it can run when there aren't high priority jobs running.


    If this feature or similar already exists, I apologize for posting and would like someone's help in pointing out on how to take care of the issue.




  2. I'm getting this same  issue and my repository server is already set to AUTOSELECT.





    disregard, figured it out.  A tech was working on our server and took out the username/password requirement for the http proxy, i had set the username/password option back up, but did not update the Server > Policies > Deploy agent > HTTP Proxy > username/password fields.

  3. Double check your AD Synchronization Server Task, should have:


    * Computer Creation Collision Handling : Move

    * Computer Extinction Handling : Skip


    Then this will run each time server is turned on or when you activate it.  It will reconcile the names with the correct group that it belongs to in accordance with AD.

  4. Finally got a call from Business Support Team.  Working with Jeremy right now, the above things I tried seemed to had only fixed it temporarily, it went back up to 120+ errors again.


    I'm not getting why Jeremy's looking at the Antivirus DB Update / Apache HTTP Proxy, because the issue is mainly Remote Agents in the log.  I'm hoping he finds something and gets it fixed.


    Renato Alves Nogueira, let us know if you get a fix.  I'll confirm on my end if Jeremy's able to fix ours in a bit.



    It looks like there was an update released last week that broke something with the Remote Agents.  We had to delete all records of the RAs in ERA (go into computers > all > sort by devices with Agents installed > filter by agents with errors > Select All, Delete them all.), then Jeremy modified our Active Directory Synchronization to be active so it matched up anything reporting in to it's proper group.  My errors are finally going down, albeit a bit slow, but that's dependent on the RAs interval of reporting in.


    I'll update if this is still an issue in the next 24 hours, if it's fixed - consider this my last post for this issue.

  5. Could you please check details of the alerts to find out if they originated from agent or and Endpoint client?


    I went through a good 20 of them and they are all agents.  I did a modification to the policy to adjust from 20 minutes to 10 minutes and that's what prompted the amount of errors to go back up.  I just readjusted the policy again back to default of 20 minutes, it's now at 40 errors left, but slowly building back up again.


    took some screenshots from snipping tool, but board does not allow posting of png files?

  6. Using this template policies fixed your problem?

    Yes - or so it seems.  After applying the policy, 122 computers with error went down to 69.  I'm waiting a bit longer than checking to see why the rest are still displaying it.



    I guess I am not understanding the policies correctly.  After doing the above adjustments, my errors went down but after an hour, it is building back up with the same error message again.

  7. Could someone update this topic? I'm running into the same issue, but i'm not sure where to start looking to resolve it.  Keep getting 120+ computers/servers screaming at me that recent updates failed - but when I check the end-clients, its all updated to the latest version of the db.


    Disregard above, I think I have it figured out...


    There's a few default policies for RA Agents.  Just needed to include all computers/pcs to one of the default policy.


    Admin > Policies > RAA - Connection - Connect every 20/60 minutes > Edit > Targets > Include all computers (or whatever you want in the target)

  8. You may want to use the "duplicate" feature from the menu and retarget your software install.  I've tried in the past to edit an existing one and it did not seem to work.


    I'd like an option to "re-run" same tasks again, instead of having to recreate/duplicate a task.

  9. I also have this issue.  Initially when I first sync'd AD - I had two copies, one in its respective folders and one in Lost and Found.  Shouldn't there be some kind of unique ID that prevents it from creating duplicates at different location and shouldn't it take the path of the AD location as default, not in lost and found?


    I presume the lost and found was originally intended for rogue workstations.





    I think i figured out why mine's going into lost and found.  So when there's 600+ alerts, and I couldn't figure out how to clear the alerts (the client endpoints didn't show any in the logs or scans), so I marked everything and started deleting them.  There's a prompt that asks you to confirm stating policies, triggers, etc.. will be lost for these clients if you delete it... I didn't read and just accepeted it.  Needless to say, a good bulk of it that weren't in the correct folders in AD and were in the lost and found of ERA.

  10. After reading a few posts on here, I decided I should also voice my opinion on this product.  I initially installed the product on a testing server when it was first released.  I hated it back in December just because it was such a huge change in the interface and took forever to figure out things.  I gave up about 2 weeks of trying to dink with it.


    I figure I would give it a try again and actually upgraded my production running version 5 to 6.  I have most of everything figured out and it's now not too complicated since I understand the principal and concept of it.  There are a lot of potential with this product, but I would like:


    • Flexibility in the reports - after generating a report, i'd like to be able to sort, filter these reports
    • An easy way to figure out errors as to why agents fail to install, clients upgrades fail, etc... the reports doesn't list this and looking at the agent log in %programdata% is a pain, gotta sift through it
    • Improvements on the memory/footprint of the V6 products.  ESET Agent and service are the highest two of any products under memory utilization


    The last thing I encountered is either a bug or else something i'm not doing correctly... There are a few spots where you could select multiple criteria - one is the "add filter" button.  You can only add one criteria at a time.  Why can't you multi-select?  I'm using firefox and have tried, shift+click, ctrl+click, double-click on each item, click-drag --- none of these action allowed me to select multiple filter criteria.  I had to select one, then hit okay, go back in and select a bunch more.

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