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  1. is it possible that you now use nod32? nod32 does not include banking protection. https://www.eset.com/int/home/for-windows/
  2. could it be that esets cetificate is not included in your certificate store beacuse this site is using tls? @firefox users - firefox did some profile changes since ff 67. every firefox channel (stable, beta, dev, nightly) is now using its own profile. so the certificate store is not the same.
  3. open about:preferences#home and just change the setting homepage and new windows
  4. Got the same issue. I restarted into safe mode. After that I deleted the entire folder "OPP" which was located under C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security. In this folder you can find your Firefox profile that eset will use for banking protection. The profile will be recreated if banking protection is restarted. You cant delete this folder when you are logged in normaly. But I didnt test to delete the profile via about:profiles because the profile that it shows seems like my normal firefox profile. the path to profile did not match with esets path. But about:support shows the correct path. Would be nice if eset could make an button in settings to delete this profile or to clean it automatically sometimes.
  5. Hello, This is an insider post. Yes, the design was changed today (module version 1147).
  6. Hello Marco, I can use this module with and test updates enabled. So it is not only in dev channel.
  7. Hello, do you use test-updates? I had this issue yesterday with the installation of 1347b of internet protection module, too. But after a new initialisation of this module by disabling and reenabling tls protection or an restart everything went fine since then. It's just an update related issue - my first since years.
  8. I think it can be done via "internet protection / web access protection / URL address management" https://help.eset.com/essp/11.2/en-US/idh_config_epfw_scan_http_address_list.html
  9. Microsoft has patched Windows to check if there is a vulnerability in Intel MEI firmware. E.g. event id 1794 is for CVE-2017-15361 but windows in not notifying users to check for bios updates. The latest MEI issues are also logged in event viewer. I think it would be a nice feature for eset to read out these event ids and notice (advanced) users about such firmware vulnerabilities.
  10. internal version numbers are not allways public version numbers
  11. eset is using some play services that eats up ram. eset 89mb - with used gservices 210mb please share some further information
  12. what do you want to let me know with your text? as you can see im eset insider i know what is stable, beta or alpha etc. and what is public.
  13. Hello, today i receaved and after that eset says an product update is still needed. If i click to update it eset tries to download the password manager. But it says an update is required again and again. I did not use it on this machine before and it was downloaded on earlier versions if needed.
  14. hxxp://hilfe.eset.com/kb2476/?viewlocale=en_US the installation over an existing one is the recommented solution. software cant been tested with every configuration - so there can be some issues that are rare. thats why an version upgrade is often cut into waves like microsoft does with win10 releases or google with android releases etc.
  15. SupremeRulerUltimate.exe (Steam) is detected as a Win32/GenKryptik www.virusradar.com/en/Win32_GenKryptik.ZEI/description fixed with 15171
  16. as a supplement to #2 MaHDi2LoNE please note that yesterday was a microsoft patchday and this is a windows process you that make problems
  17. hey, i had 10.0.359.0 installed and upgraded to 10.0.369.0 the update progress is now broken. it always wants to update all modules on test mode and no error occured when i switch to regular updates it updates 1 module and after that no update will be downloaded after that but the prerelease modules are still there if i switch back to test mode the same issue comes back and everytime it wants to update all modules
  18. for example Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner are offered with open candy. If you open them no info is shown by eset. potential unsafe and unwanted applications protection is enabled
  19. or in the device manager and update the drivers there which will download the drivers from windows update
  20. could it be that it is a ocsp related issue? chrome is using a lokal file to check it and i think eset is talking to the ocsp servers to validate the certificate please check if it is also present if your using firefox (without esets tls scan) if so please temporary disable ocsp under about:preferences#advanced /certificate
  21. i think im not the only one who dont know what your problem really is so please tell us first whats your configuration? you are using both wireless and a lan cable on your desktop pc? and you want that the connection of you lan is in an higher priority than your wireless adapter? go to network settings in the old system settings window (sry im a german user and dont know the exact word) adapter settings and press alt advanced or extended advanced settings there you can select the priority of your lan configuration 2. do you connect to this wireless lan you dont want that this should be used for anything? if so why do you connect? 3. if not please write down your problem in an form we can understand what is going on
  22. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2421/ if you look into windows firewall settings there is an info that eset controlls these settings if not please let us know
  23. hello, i upgraded my system to ubuntu 16.04 (clean install) and after that i installed eset after i restartedthe system and eset starts the entire system crashes and i cant do anything happens also under latest arch packages
  24. Says access denied when I try to do step 1: Proc.png disable hips restart try again and dont forget to enable hips after that
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