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  1. Thanks for your help. I believe this will work though I dislike greatly how difficult it is to get information you're looking for out of ESET. For instance, it says the Task completed, but it doesn't show how long the task took. Thanks
  2. I think I understand it now. Both the Task and the Trigger require Targets. I was adding my computer to the Task target, though as you suggest, that should be the drives I want targeted, not the computer. I put the computer in the Trigger Target, and now will see if that works. Thanks
  3. Thanks for that information. That doesn't make much sense to me yet but I'm sure I'm just missing something. Drive/path shows up no where for me to specify, and it only seems to allow me to add my computer name to the Scan Targets box, not anything from the list of suggested ones to use.
  4. Basic Screen Settings Screen (Dragon is my computer name) Summary Screen Thank you
  5. I added my computer name to the Add Target location. This then added my computer name to the Scan Targets box just below it. After Finishing the creation of the task, my computer had a popup that the scan was complete, but took only 0 seconds.
  6. I've created an on demand scan Task in ESET Protect, and used my computer to test it. Clicking on the Task and choosing to run it on my computer creates an ESET popup on my computer that says "Computer Scan Completed". In looking in that popup it says "Scanned Duratation and Objects Scanned" as both 0 (zero). I have uninstalled all Eset products from my computer and reinstalled them. I have ESET 9.0 running on my computer. Is there a setting that I'm missing that is causing it to not scan any files on the computer? Thanks
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