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  1. On a Virtual Appliance, how do get trace logs (or any other) so i could analyze agent install failures?
  2. There is no "C:\" on a Virtual Appliance which is based on CentOS.
  3. I deployed the first 80 clients with ERA 6.x Agents and installed Endpoint Antivirus. All 80 of this computers are Windows 7/8 computers. I have lots of old Windows XP computers. Where do i find the logs with agent installation failures? I need detailed logs with error messages so i can chcek why the push installation fails. I am using a Virtual appliance based ERA 6.x on a windows domain enviroment. Please help.
  4. How can i generate the report or pull the log files generated by client task - install software attempt?
  5. It looks like it was the problem with proxy settings. It seems that ERA agent is trying to pull the installation from Internet and not beeing able to do that. I tried to manually enter proxy settings. I was able to install first computer. Is there any way we could install the Endpoint Antivirus from local source (e.g the ERA 6.x virtual appliance itself)?
  6. shawkins, This type of feedback is very useful and we encourage it. You may have guessed that those of us who man the forums aren't developers, but rest assured that your communication about V6 will be delivered to not only the developers, but everyone beyond them in the chain of command. ESET is a huge proponent of customer experience and as a result we all have skin in the game. Again, your time in putting this post together is much appreciated. I'am a 10 years long ESET customer. I' am so disapointed with ERA 6.x. It's lack of documentation is disapointing. The most basic stuff does not work (like instaling the security products). There are no detailed logs on task failure, no documentation, low support... I had a virtual appliance crashing. Had to figure it myself after week od debugging and testing. Had to mess with linux kernel to make it work. Come on! Thats crazy (now it works!!). I'am stuck with ESET now and hope that ERA 5.x will support installation and management od ESET Endpoint Antivirus products. I' am just asking - if we bought the licences - can you please just help us install it? i'am also a "I can usually figure stuff out pretty quick without a support call" and "I'm one of those admins that if I can look at a log, I'll figure it out." as shawkins, described himself (and me also). Just give as bascis and we wel get on our own.. If not.. it's just a 1 year contract and ERA 5.x is working great...
  7. I have the exact same problem. Are you behind a proxy firewall like ISA/TMG? I think thats the problem in my case.
  8. With respect, I represent the company with 240 Eset Endpoint Antivirus Business licenses. Few days ago we implemented ESET Remote Administrator 6.x installation. We are using the linux based virtual appliance installation. It is the most cuurent one. We were using the ESET ERA 5.x succesffully with no problems at all - last few years. Lets put asside the fact that ERA 6.x is currently a major stepback in functionallity and managebility. It's web console is laggy and having lots of issues on latest FF i Chrome browsers. It offten crashes. But' hopefully this will get better in time. I would kindly ask if i get some help. I'am stuck and i am unable to install ESET Endpoint Antivirus (aprox 120 licences). I am able to install the ERA 6.x agents, but not the ESET Endpoint Antivirus. All computers are with ESET 6.x Agents and old 5.x Endpoint Antivirus software deployd wia old(er) 5.x ERA Server/console. Client installation tasks get into "Task started" and then "Task failed". It's a Active Directory managed enviroment and i am logging in (to domain) with an domain administrator level account. Computers are accessing the internet via Microsoft ForeFront TMG proxy. It was pretty easy to install the security products on ERA 5.x. ERA 6.x has lots of problems. We are unable to wait and i need some help instlling the AV products to our network. So, WHERE ARE THE INSTALLATION LOGS? Why are my tasks "failed"? What can i do about it? Can please someone help?
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