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  1. I just found this and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work for me. I looked a little deeper and found that my ERA server was using semi-colons instead of commas for the reports. SO, if any of you are having problems reading your reports tell your spreadsheet software to use semi-colons instead of commas for delimiters. Thanks, Joe B
  2. Ok, I was just checking on a couple of computers that had a "Product is not activated" error and saw that Eset sees the image build name and not the actual computer name. I think I need to go do some digging and see if that's a part of the problem for the rest of the computers. Apparently sysprep wasn't run before creating the image(s). Sheesh, Joe B
  3. Hey all, I was just looking in ELA and discovered that not all of my workstations that are registered in ERA are showing up in ELA. I then checked my servers and three of them are listed in ERA but not in ELA. Is there a synchronization utility available to make sure that everything in ERA gets propagated up to ELA? Anything I should look for to try to find out why this happened? Thanks, Joe B
  4. Good morning Marcos, our prior EFSW version was 6.0.12025.0. I won't be able to test your two other suggestions because this is a production server and it's used from 3:30am to about 11:00pm. Since installing ESET requires a reboot that time frame is not an option. I will try to come in this weekend to test them but we're putting on a state-wide convention so I don't think any downtime then would be an option either. We'll see. Maybe late Sunday afternoon... Thanks, Joe B
  5. Hey all, we use Ricoh copiers to scan documents to a Server 2012R2 server that holds our user files. I updated my ESET File Security to 6.3 on that server and our copiers couldn't scan to it any longer. Fortunately this was a VM that I had snapshotted before I did the update so all I had to do was roll it back. Functionality restored. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to update the ESET on this server without killing the scanning access? Thanks, Joe B
  6. Ok, thanks. I'll check my ERA next week to see how things are looking. Thanks, Joe B
  7. Can anyone else suggest anything? I just discovered that EEA 6.4 is out so I'm installing that to see if it helps but it hasn't so far. Thanks, Joe B
  8. Hi MartinK, All of my computers are back in ERA but I'm still unable to get the agent to install on my problem children. I ran the Agent Deployment task three times for two of them and three times it finished successfully, but they still have no status. I checked status.html for those two computers with an unknown status and they're current with their updating so is the agent installed??? Is there anything I may have missed that would be a default for some computers but not for others? Thanks, Joe B
  9. I've power-cycled the ERA server but those unknown workstations still haven't shown up. Again, any idea on how I can gain access to that setting and change it to weekly? Disregard the comment about DNS; that was for a Linux problem with a different program. Thanks, Joe B
  10. Hmmm... As of 9:30 my time none of the computers I deleted yesterday have shown up in ERA. I was just looking and my ERA is set to synchronize every time the server starts. I was going to change it to once a week but the drop down option is greyed out. Is there a setting somewhere else that needs to be tweaked in order to change the trigger for the synchronization? I'm going to look into my DNS issue later this morning. Thanks, Joe B
  11. Hello Martin, I just deleted the unmanaged computers. I'll check later and see if I can get them communicating with ERA. As to the database, I believe I used SQL Express for this installation. Is there there a way to see what database ERA is actually using? Thanks, Joe B
  12. Hi Martin, here are my latest responses: No values are there. Everything has a n/a where the data would be. I don't recall doing anything about certificates. After getting my new ERA running I was doing the agent deployment from the ERA console so I'm guessing that overwrote any certificate data on the workstations. When I do the live install I have seen a mention of inserting a cert but that's all I can say about this one. They just showed up in Lost & Found on their own. Thanks, Joe B
  13. Hi MartinK, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about here. Where do I go to check this and what am I looking for? The only errors I can find in the trace log are errors from when I tried to push the agent installs from ERA. I did a clean install and I didn't do any restoring from backup. Thanks for hanging in there with me Martin. What are my next steps? Thanks, Joe B
  14. Hi MartinK, There were two ESET services that wouldn't allow me to restart them so I went ahead and power-cycled the server. No change in the statuses. I checked in ERA for duplicate names and there aren't any. I checked status.html for the IP address and I found the FQDN for the server so I'm guessing that's correct. Still no change in the statuses. What else can I check? Thanks, Joe B
  15. Hi MartinK, I checked status.html on one of the computers and it shows the computer IS connecting (I did a screen shot of status.html but I can't figure out how to upload it). The "Last successful replication" was today at... right now. Last replication, Last successful replication, Peer certificate and Replication security are all green and they all happened today. Thanks, Joe B
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