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  1. Thank you. I actually found the old version on an old backup tape and got iot done that way, but will keep the link to the uninstaller for any future needs.
  2. Where can I download older versions of ESET, specifically 5.0.2225? I'm trying to upgrade a laptop with that version to 5.0.2260, but it won't allow me to unless it has access to the install files for 5.0.2225.
  3. I have an open support case, and an ESET technician collected all the relevant logs from a problem machine yesterday.
  4. Nobody from ESET has followed up on this since 4/22 when they requested the logs. We now have 12 machines do this, with no resolution.
  5. Any update on this? I replied to your PM with the requested log files last Friday. I now have 5 client machines experiencing this issue.
  6. I have multiple clients suddenly having trouble updating. In ERAS, I get the error message "Error downloading the update". I have tried clearing the update cache and updating again, but that doesn't help. I have verified that the clients in question have plenty of free space on the C: drive. My clients update directly from ESET, and I'm seeing the issue on versions 5.0.2254 and 5.0.2260. One of the clients had the issue yesterday, so I upgraded it from 5.0.2254 to 5.0.2260 and then it started updating, but today the issue is back on that client.
  7. I am also experiencing this error with 5.0.2237. I've had that version on my Windows 8.1 machine for a long time, and then did an in-place upgrade to Windows 10.
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