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  1. The Uninstaller Tool worked, thanks, i didn´t found that solution on the regular way.
  2. HI, i got this problem since like 2 years or so and couldn´t find anything toi solve it: i have Smart security 6.0.308.1 and Can´t Update it to a newer version. Every Time i´m trying it i´m getting an errormessage that he got an error with installing the update. If i try to deinstall and it tells me it does need a network-resource "ess_nt64_deu.msi", but i dont find that so i can´deinstall in order to reinstall the newer version. Can anyone Help me?! Thanks in advance!
  3. Doesnt happen when opening the "trustet zones" or any other dialog Both ways dont work. Update also doesnt work. Moving the window before clicking the button also doesnt work (obviusly i already had that idea) Maybe i should try downloading the installer of the most recent version and reinstall ESS?.
  4. Yes it does have that option but it doesnt work. Anyway the task bar menu doesnt work once i klick the button for the zones editor. and obviusly i can neither move nor close the window in front.
  5. Hi, i´m using Smart Security 6 an have a strange problem: if i want to edit rules for the firewall the window opens in the back of the original settingswindow wich i then cant move so i cant access the rules window. Propably this is some really stupid settings issue but i can´t figure it out so i would be happy if someone could help me with this. Thanks! System: Windows 7 Professional
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