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  1. Hi Ajal, We've disabled the GUI on almost all servers. ClassicShell isn't installed, but I will check the link. Thank you.
  2. Hi, We recently started rolling out ESET File Security to all of our Remote Desktop servers. Most of these servers are Windows Server 2012R2. Lately users logging on to Remote Desktop get a black screen and their session isn't going to the desktop. In most of these cases we can fix it by logging on as Administrator and force log off these users. But in some cases even the Administrator cannot logon anymore, it's also getting a black screen and we have to do a hard reboot. After some time we started to see a link with ESET, customers without ESET on the Remote Desktop Servers don't have these kind of problems. At one customer we removed ESET FS temporarily and the problem hasn't occurred since then. Does anyone recognize these issues and maybe have a solution other then removing ESET? Kind Regards, Evertjan
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