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  1. Thanks, i have created a report for HIPS and Firewall. Both seem to work, but as you described i do see less data than is logged on the clients. But for now this will have to do i guess ;-)
  2. Thanks, i thought this would be a basic functionality and if i'm not mistaken it was always included in ERA v5. Any rough idea when we can expect v7?
  3. I have applied the ESET recommendations for the HIPS and Firewall module to help prevent ransomware infection as per: hxxp://support.eset.nl/kb6119/ In the client on my PC i can see that logs are created for some false positives because of these additional rules. I can then proceed to whitelist those in the policy. However, i can't seem to find how to view these log for all the other clients in the ERA console. I need to inspect these because they might create other false positives i need to act upon. I would expect to find them under "Threats" and then filter for HIPS or Firewall threat types, but this list is empty and only shows regular AV trojan/virus threats. Can you explain me how to view these log entries in the ERA console? I'm running 6.5 on both the server and the clients.
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