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  1. Can anybody comment on whether or not I should see a score column in the mail server protection logs? Retained items with their score?
  2. I upgraded to 6.4 over the weekend from 4.5. Emails that used to get delivered to Outlook's Junk Email folder are now being dumped into user's Inbox. In the Log Files section of the GUI, there are only "rejected" items in the log, no more "retained" items. There is no "Score" column to let me see what each item's score is. With 4.5, anything with a score above 50 would get delivered to the Junk Email folder. Looking at the antispam settings, i see nothing about spam score. When i look at a spam email's headers the bottom shows this: X-ESET-AS: R=OK;S=0;OP=CALC;TIME=1477422965;VERSION=4517;MFE-VER=47;MC=3011984922;TRN=0 X-ESET-Antispam: OK X-EsetResult: clean, is OK X-EsetId: 37303A2971705866647C67 I believe the S is Score, and all the Spam i've been getting says "S=0". I can see loads of rejected emails being rejected because of RBL or cloud blocklists. It's almost like that is the only thing being blocked, and everything else is getting through. Help!
  3. I want to exclude a particular file from being scanned by ESET. The file runs in the user's temp folder, this cannot be modified. When I add the static folder/file path to my policy, it works. But that only works for the particular username I hardcode into the path. I want to be able to set this at the policy level and have it work for all logged in users at the client level. c:\users\username\appdata\local\temp\filename.ext When I use the %temp% variable, it does not work. %temp%\filename.ext How do i make this work? Thanks
  4. This is working now. I should've just read the tooltips that are in the policy editor for ERA 6, they specify what you should be doing. But for anyone having this issue, make sure you are adding some sort of file mask (*.*) after the directory. Thanks again Marcos
  5. I added the exclusions to a policy being applied to clients through ERA 6 (6.2.200). The client side is Endpoint AntiVirus (6.1.2222 or newer). I'll add the \*.* at the policy level and see if that filters down to clients and starts working. Thanks!
  6. Any thoughts on this Marcos? Thanks In Advance
  7. I suppose "applied" isn't the right word. It does get applied at the client level from the policy that's setup in ERA 6, meaning you can see the directories in the exclusion list on the clients. But scans still detect items from the specified directories. See screenshots below. What's odd is it doesn't happen everyday, but about 99% of the time it does. Thanks
  8. Anybody got an idea why my directory exclusions aren't getting applied to the daily scheduled on demand scans? Thanks
  9. That doesn't seem to be working for me. I've got directories specified in the "Paths to be excluded from scanning" area, and the settings are getting applied to clients, but i am still getting on demand nightly scans with results from those excluded directories. HELP!
  10. Using ERA 6, how can i create a custom on demand scan so i can exclude certain directories from daily scanning? When i go into my policy for endpoint antivirus i only get the option to choose from one of the 3 preconfigured scan profiles (currently set to smart scan). How do i modify the smart scan profile to exclude directories, or even create my own profile? The area on the top of the configuration tree to exclude directories apparently only applies to real-time scanning. Thanks
  11. My local customer care is just a reseller, doubtful they'd know anything about the configuration options in Mail Security. Very surprised i never got a response from anyone here. However, I was able to get this working. You have to add your blocklist providers to the "RBL" section not the "DNSBL" section. I never could find anything in the documentation or here on the forums spelling out exactly how things need to be configured.
  12. I can't seem to configure a DNSBL with Exchange 2010 and ESMX 4.5.10023. If i add the DNSBLs inside of Exchange, they don't seem to block anything. But i'd rather add them to ESMX anyways and have it reject mail before it ever gets to Exchange. If i add the DNSBLs inside of ESMX, it also doesn't seem to block anything. I've attached a screenshot of the DNSBL config inside ESMX. I am using the following site to test the zen.spamhaus.org block list. hxxp://www.crynwr.com/spam/ How can i set this up so it will work either configured inside ESMX like it should be, or inside Exchange?
  13. Those DATs worked for me using the ERA Virtual Appliance version 6.1.450. Thanks for the fix.
  14. Will my centOS virtual appliance automatically update itself when 6.2 is released? Or is there some sort of manual upgrade process? If its manual, where do i find the instructions on that? Thanks
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