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  1. Hi, We are using right now Eset Endpoint Antivirus and Eset Endpoint Security version 5, also we have one Eset Remote Administrator 5 server. Everything works. I have installed a new server with Eset Remote Administrator 6 installed. But how can I connect the old clients to new server? Rogue detection finds computers in a domain, but I cannot get any live data from them. Logs also telling me that the protocol is uncompatible(if i remember correct). The old server and new server having the same name and IP, even the ports are the same. Simply if I installed new server, I just powered off the old one, so there is no ip or naming conflict. Is new agent installation needed also on older clients? Or I must configure some legacy settings somewhere in server? I don't find any information about this... You may ask why I'm not installing simply new Eset Endpoint Antivirus/Eset Endpoint Security version 6 with agents to workstations, but is is complicated to do it at once and for every single computer of our network. So I was planning to move to new clients step-by-step. Old clients still having configuration about remote administration server. In short, what to do, if I want to connect old clients(version 5) to new remote administration server?
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