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  1. Hello there, its me again. I dont know will someone pass this to dev team, but hope so. Congratulations. You really made a big progress with JAWS support in the latest build. I can say, its the best improvements after version 4. However, still think that you need to have blind testers, because you never may test any single option with keyboard like we could. Main areas of the GUI are now accessible. Installation went fine, activation, updates, statuses... But, advanced settings are not doable at all. I just can hear settings, but no way to activate them or change something via keyboard. I am ready to work with you, to test any alpha, beta or whatever, to make JAWS experience completely the best. You are close to have the most accessible antivirus in 2016. I am doing research every year, and now I am really surprised with Eset positive movements-. But without advanced settings operation, it means nothing.
  2. Hi @Martin Semjan, Official version 9 has been pushed out, your post is old 25 days. And, on the Eset site, I could read that screen reader support not available. Great job done! You said, internal testing. Have you any blind testers? I guess, no. I tested hundreds of alpha or beta products and worked closely with companies to make programs more accessible. I never needed so long time to test every single option. Where you stucked?
  3. A, yes. Thank you... Fortgive me because I am ironic, but, it will happen in version 17.
  4. Hi there, I am really disappointed with versions 9. As usual, antivirus companies dont think about blind users, working with screen readers. You removed non-graphical interface, even from the installation screen. Its now really hard to operate with screen readers. Your security solutions was one of the last working with screen readers, but now, you made step backward.
  5. I respect your thoughts. However, dont forget that some ads are really malicious. Finally, acording to your logic, eset should continue with Antivirus only, because exists a bunch of standalone firewalls, HIPS, antispam, and so on...
  6. Sure, I dont using Outpost firewall together with Eset, I just mentioned Outpost as HIPS working example. I like that I can use Eset HIPS on the same way. In Outpost exist option to exclude something just from self defence module, and its working perfectly there. I think that ESS is better then Outpost security Suite, because their antivirus is not so strong. I want to use ESS again, but currently cannot find a way to set HIPS as I need. Also, I would recommend one more feature to Eset smart security. AD blocker. In Outpost, all ads are blocked, and I think that ESS deserve such useful protection.
  7. Maybe we can navigate with keyboard, but its not useful for us. If you remember, option to disable graphical interface existed in installations until version 5, I think. I was not able to find, where to add rule specific to the self defence. I understand that its doing there job. Firewall acception is needed, do the screen reader updates and some internet remote actions. HIPS rules editor is not so complex to used, I am advanced user enough to handle it, just if the screen reader reading all to me, and if I can navigate with keyboard. I added all .exe and .dll files screen reader depending, but, I still have blocks in interactive mode. Malware cannot imitate the screen reader, if Eset add in rules file signatures. Every screen reader file have a valid digital company signature, and I think that it will be hard for malware to take it off. HIPS interactive mode, its really something because I came back to Eset. Honestly, I am Outpost firewall fan, and HIPS working as I expected. Really many questions, yes, but just once, on the beginning. I set firewall to interactive, too, and its working in Eset as expected. I am just curious, which firewall engine Eset using, if you know? Fake, sounds are not played when threat found, in realtime protection module, which I also set to interactive. No any antivirus will be my boss, and I wont to be slave, and I like take control of everything
  8. Hello, I hope that developers will hear my voice. I am Aleksandar, totally blind person. I used NOD32 from version 2.0/2.5, had a legal license too. I am testing all available security solutions for home users, how they are accessible with screen readers, such as JAWS or NVDA. I am now testing Eset Smart Security, and acording to my few days tests, I will suggest you and ask you for the following: 1. On the installation, turn back option to disable praphical user interface during installation. We can disable it later on settings, but, for the blind users, graphical user interface is not accessible with screen readers and keyboard. 2. Add our screen readers to exclusion list on Antivirus, firewall and HIPS, and on self defence too. I encountering difficulties when I am using JAWS with self defence, because JAWS wont anounce in settings does tree view is opened, or closed. When I turn off self defence, JAWS reading everything properly. 3. I set HIPS to interactive mode, and its blocked screen reader too, and some applications, without asking what to do. I am ready to cooperate with you, to fix it for me. 4. Some sound alert when warning pops up will be welcome for us too. You can contact me frely, I am ready to test upcoming versions with your team.
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