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  1. Okay, thanks so far. How does it behave, if we deactivate a client and respectively its license on the ESET PROTECT on prem server when the client is already decommissioned at that time and will never connect to the ESET PROTECT server again? Should the license be freed than?
  2. Thank you for your answer. How does it work, when I add a customer license with dedicated ELA account to our central EBA account? Does the mail contact receive another mail to confirm the process?
  3. Thank you for your answers so far. I'm talking here about major version updates e.g. from 7.2 to 7.3 which require always a reboot as far as I know.
  4. Hi, many of our systems has to be online during daytime, so we do ESET updates at night. This is quite annoying because of late working hours. What are negative effects when we update an ESET client and plan the restart in the following night? Is ESET Antivir (Endpoint, File and Mail Security) still fully functional or is the system not secured by ESET until it's restarted? Regards
  5. Hi there, as IT service provider we administer the ESET licenses for our customers with hundreds of client licenses (Endpoint Antivirus/Security, File Security, Mail Security). Therefore we run an ESET PROTECT on prem server which contains all of the licenses. When a client was decommissioned, we removed it on ESET PROTECT while thinking that should be enough to free the relevant client license. Recently we noticed that client licenses are not freed through this process (anymore?). I came across ELA web interface and created accounts for some customer licenses. Looks like it's p
  6. Most of the source IPs differ. Every now and then one IP tries it multiple times. I also assume its some sort of brute force attack or a port scan. RAPs and CAPs are configured on the RDS Gateway. Only thing that made me wondering was that detections in ESMC weren't resolved and handled automatically and one had the possibility to resolve it manually. I just checked ESMC and since creation of my thread, detections of security vulnerability exploitation are handle and resolved automatically.
  7. Unfortunately the detailed view of that sort of message doesn't provide further information except that it says "not resolved"
  8. Edit 2: The system is behind a firewall and there is port forwarding configured for tcp port 443 for its intended use
  9. Hi there, on one of our customer Windows Server 2019 machines with File Security 7.2 installed, I see multple unresolved security vulnerability exploitations per day: What makes me bit nervous is, although the actions on these detections is "blocked" they don`t have the status "resolved". One can set resolved status manually. What does that mean? Do I have to worry about these messages? The machine is a Windows Remote Desktop Gateway in a RDS structure. Kind regards Edit: The underlying process name is "System"
  10. Hi, recently we got a new customer and and I wanted to install and update all eset installations on the customers clients and servers. I have problems to do so with one Windows Server 2008R2 virtual machine. There is/was Eset 4.x installed but it does not work properly. When I try to start its UI I get The Eset 4.x installation is not listed in "programs and features" but there are files and directoires under "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus" and "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus". Nonetheless I was able to install our "Eset Remote Administra
  11. Thank you very much. Apparently one of my installation tries failed and left registry eintries. Deleting these solved my problem. Just wondering how it fails in first place because machine was a almost a clean install and I'm the first who did antivrus/eset install
  12. Here's the msiexec log with parameters /Limewaru! === Logging started: 24.03.2016 08:45:12 === Action 08:45:12: INSTALL. Action start 08:45:12: INSTALL. Action 08:45:12: WindowsFolder_amd64_VC.585D293E_BFCC_3045_857D_FFD4B0225AB6. Action start 08:45:12: WindowsFolder_amd64_VC.585D293E_BFCC_3045_857D_FFD4B0225AB6. Action ended 08:45:12: WindowsFolder_amd64_VC.585D293E_BFCC_3045_857D_FFD4B0225AB6. Return value 1. Action 08:45:12: System64Folder_amd64_VC.585D293E_BFCC_3045_857D_FFD4B0225AB6. Action start 08:45:12: System64Folder_amd64_VC.585D293E_BFCC_3045_857D_FFD4B0225AB6. Action ended
  13. Hi, have the same problem with two clients at two different customers. Both computers have nothing in common. Different hardware components, different windows versions (7 and 10), different networks. ERA install via .bat file does not work too. Installation process looks normal but at the end there is no remote agend installed, no service running, no directory in program files, nothing. I guess there is some sort of similiar error message, that only shows up for a short moment.
  14. Hi, we're using ERA6 to deployEset antivirus on our customers clients. We use a task to install antivirus. Newly installed clients though run through a lot of restarts due to software installation or windows updates. If a machine restarts while the task is running the task fails and will never be executed again. One has to create manually a new task for antivirus installation. Is there any option to repeat a task periodically in a certain time interval or for a given number of retries until it succeeds or even better is there any conditional task execution option like "run in
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