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  1. Also if I click on the log files, filter by threats, nothing shows up..
  2. I can't even click on the finish, two windows open, or did, when I clicked "Do not show this window again" now they do not open anymore. But if you clicked on OK, both windows went away and you did not have the chance to click Finish...
  3. I have run a deep scan twice, each time it shows 7 threats. At first it popped open a window, but it did two pop ups and if you clicked OK, both windows went aways and you could not click Finish. If I really have threats, I would like to clean them up.. I am on Mac OS 10.8.5 I am including a photo of what Eset is showing. After clicking Don't show this again, the two windows do not appear.. Please help! Kristi J Esetscan1.tiff
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