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  1. Hi all, Could someone please help with configuring ESET Smart Security for our home network? We have three systems running Windows and various set-top boxes and mobile devices. We would like to be able to use Windows file and printer sharing and/or homegroups. We would also like to run a Plex Media Server on one of the Windows systems with all devices on the network able to connect to it. It would also be helpful if the mobile devices could connect to the Windows systems via the network if required. I’ve read that I can create a “safe” zone/rule based on the DHCP
  2. Hi, We have the ESET Multi-Device Security Pack, with our PC/laptops running ESET Smart Security 9. I've just noticed that ESET version 10 products have been released but I'm not sure which product we should upgrade to? Thank you in advance for any advice. Kind regards.
  3. Hi all, Is it possible to enable/disable ESS 8 gamer mode using a shortcut or command line? Many thanks.
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