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  1. Dear ESET, Same situation, almost more than 60gb disk space available. From the Console, you would be able to see the scan logs, but if view them for a scan report, it shows me the above error as in the attachment. Scan logs path > C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\storage\ScanLog_Details" It shows empty. There is no way I would delete them by any caused ? Can you please help ?
  2. Dear ESET, Typo error; it should be ESET Endpoint Security 6x instead of ESET Smart Sec. My apologies.
  3. Dear ESET, This can be so much frustrating as I have reinstalled ERA 6 twice as first its crushed after windows update, and secondly the web console wont load the page. I had fixed by recreating new VM and performed a clean install of ERA 6x (with the latest version) This is what happen after my 3rd attempt to deploy into total of 30 servers and 150 clients. Version ERA 6 :- ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.1.444.0 ESET Remote Administrator (Webconsole), Version 6.1.334.0 Copyright © 1992-2015 ESET, spol. s r.o. All Rights Reserved. End-user license agreement Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64-bit), Version 6.3.9600 1) Push install manage to install only 20 successful clients. The rest i will have to manually deploy ESET Smart Sec 6. 2) Failed to get Agent live installers on windows after 20 push installations on clients. That means, I'm not able to get installers for MAC pcs. The rest of the machines, I had to use the 'Agent for servers' on clients, which works normally on ERA 6 console. 3) ESET Smart Sec 6x / File 6x always failed to update. (Current setting as AUTO SELECT). Problem fixed by resetting the ESET AV into default. 4) Junk Mail issue. (90% fixed after adding domain into WHITELIST, however few user still faces the same prob) 5) Duplicated mails into inbox. 6) Port scanning 443 issue. Problem persist even after allowing port 443 in windows firewall. Right now, the most crucial part is I desperately need to know how the Agent live installers can be fixed. Please DO NOT ask me to reinstall the entire ESET server again as it might resync all our hard work as we had arranged the clients and servers into proper Dynamic and static groups. As this action might effect the policies that I have setup in console.
  4. Dear ESET, Same situation, I have deployed quit number of agents using the new ERA 6 with the latest version (wasn't an easy deployment just to let you know), right now having the same problem where ERA 6 wont just download the Agent live installers. I have also included the available certificates. After clicking on 'Get installer' it shows failed as in the attachment. Please help !
  5. Whenever i tried to push install either new Agent, or software install, an error shows up saying 'Failed to run task immediately'. This is bit time waste as I've tried various to identify why the task keep failing. Agent task execution shows nothing has been executed in 30 days. - I been able to push install before and for no reason the push install keeps bringing the error message. - tried different type of push task but it keep bringing up the same error.
  6. New error as screenshots below after installed agent and ESET antivirus by manually.
  7. Some PC may not install properly if using push from remote administrator console. So wow to create local installation package for ESET antivirus 6 instead using remote administrator console? The version I am using is version 6.X. Here's a screenshot showing some machine is installed but most of PC not able to install (Webconsole_Pic1) & (Webconsole_Pic2) I’ve download avremover_eea_nt64_enu.exe from ESET website, I am facing below error message prompt out when trying to install on PC. Some PC successfully installed with manually way instead of remote pushing from Remote Administrator, however still getting error as screenshot show below. Please assist. (Webconsole_Pic3)
  8. ERA 6.x Security product fail to install at ESET With respect, I represent the company with 240 Eset Endpoint Antivirus Business licenses. Few days ago we implemented ESET Remote Administrator 6.x installation. We are using the linux based virtual appliance installation. It is the most cuurent one. We were using the ESET ERA 5.x succesffully with no problems at all - last few years. Lets put asside the fact that ERA 6.x is currently a major stepback in functionallity and managebility. It's web console is laggy and having lots of issues on latest FF i Chrome browsers. It offten crashes. But' hopefully this will get better in time. I would kindly ask if i get some help. I'am stuck and i am unable to install ESET Endpoint Antivirus (aprox 120 licences). I am able to install the ERA 6.x agents, but not the ESET Endpoint Antivirus. All computers are with ESET 6.x Agents and old 5.x Endpoint Antivirus software deployd wia old(er) 5.x ERA Server/console. Client installation tasks get into "Task started" and then "Task failed". It's a Active Directory managed enviroment and i am logging in (to domain) with an domain administrator level account. Computers are accessing the internet via Microsoft ForeFront TMG proxy. It was pretty easy to install the security products on ERA 5.x. ERA 6.x has lots of problems. We are unable to wait and i need some help instlling the AV products to our network. So, WHERE ARE THE INSTALLATION LOGS? Why are my tasks "failed"? What can I do about it?
  9. Dear ESET, We have a situation where ESET Endpoint AV could detect a malware but failed to quarantine or remove the Win32/Filecoder.EM.Trojan. Based on ESET URL hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2372, There is no malware removal tools for Win32/Filecoder.EM.Trojan. We have run full scan and do the necessary to delete the infected machine with ESET Endpoint Antivirus however, the malware still unable to get clean. Please refer below image for your reference. For your information too we have been submitted the file for ESET analysis. The scan was done under IN-Depth scan profile yet ESET not able to removed it. Ive attached a file for you to view and hope it help you on your investigation. Hope you could comeback with good findings. Thanks, Aswath k
  10. Hi Champ, Is there any disaster recovery manual for ESET ERA and Endpoint Security Version 6 in the event of disaster ? Example: Prepare for disaster recovery, Perform disaster recovery Cheers, Aswath
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