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  1. Ok, it took a couple of hours to work but when I check back after lunch everything was good. I guess I was doubting the filters because results aren't even close to immediate. Thank you jimwillsher!
  2. I've tried updating my filter based on your suggestion but unfortunately I've still had no luck after waiting half an hour. Current Filter: Device identifier, Identifier type Equal Computer name Device identifier, Identifier value has prefix wks I've also tried using 'Computer FQDN' Here's how the computers appear in the eset Computers tab. Not sure why they wouldn't get picked up.
  3. Hello, I want to create a dynamic group that selects only computers starting with "WKS-" This is the Expression I've created: It seems as though the dynamic group remains empty. I've gone through the documentation here which doesnt seem very helpful: hxxp://help.eset.com/era/6/en-US/index.html?admin_dg.htm I've tried changing the identifier value to "Mask" instead of "in (string maks)". I've tried changing the case in the identifier value. I've tried changing "Computer FQDN" to just "Computer Name". Nothing seems to work. Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong here? Does it take time to update? Thanks, JBC
  4. Ah bummer. I was hoping there would be categories. It seems kind of silly to have them categorized like that automatically but not have the ability to make a filter out of it. Like... half the work is already done. Unfortunately my laptops are a mix of wired and wireless with my users coming and going quite frequently. I'm sure I'll figure some other kind of filter out.
  5. It always kind of irked me how the Web Console is supposed to be the interface between the Administrator and the Server, but whenever there is an error, we need to log into the server and look at the logs. Why not just make the logs accessible through the Web Console? I agree. You used to be able to just check the failure reason right there in the console in 5.x. It was so easy. No hoops to jump through.
  6. I wanted to make a few dynamic groups. One for Workstations/Desktops and one for Laptops and one for Servers. I was hoping this would be possible seeing as the computers tab on the Remote Admin console shows little icons on each computer with an agent marking it as 'desktop' or 'server', etc Is there a way to make a dynamic group for only desktops or laptops?
  7. Hi, Just migrated from ERA 5.x to 6.x and I'm trying to get a handle on things. Previously when you would push an AV package to a client computer and it would fail you could examine the task in detail and see the exact error codes and failure reason. How do I do this in ERA 6.0? As far as I can tell, on the 'Client Task Detail' windows all it says is 'Failed' under executions. How can I get more information without having to login to every single computer I'm trying to deploy to? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am trying to create a dynamic group that only shows my desktop computers. I notcied that the computers with agents on them already show a little icon that says 'Desktop'. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a filter in the Dynamic Group creation that matches 'Desktops'. This seems like a basic filter that should be included. Is there some way to create a dynamic group for Desktops and Laptops? Thank you!
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