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  1. We have this problem in 8 computers with MS Outlook 2016 and only with these ones. We have not changed mail server and this problem has started at same time in all these computers.
  2. Since 10 days ago we have detected that some incoming messages are duplicated in MS Outlook 2016 with ESET Endpoint. There are not all messages, only some of them. We have checked that at the server there is ony one copy of each message. We have many older email clients with no problems. Can you help us? Xabier Erauskin. Elkar
  3. I've just updated antivirus in normal mode and the version is still 1180. I'm testing with Endpoint security 6.
  4. Hello, I've changed to regular update channel and I've updated Eset, but I still see tha internet protection module is 1080. It's Ok.? Thanks.
  5. Hello, we still have this problem with new messages. Internet protection version is 1180. Thanks.
  6. Hello, we have activated pre-release updates in our Enpoint Security 6, but the problem still continues. Must we do anything else? Thanks.
  7. Hello, we have the same problem. What we must do to update protection module? It will install automatically or must we do manually? Thanks.
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