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  1. +1. Had a few support tickets, none were resolved. Product is a POS and support is non-existent.
  2. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3595/ See Method #3 Basically you can obtain a script from ERA, download it and execute on the OSX client. It will grab a preconfigured agent installer package and hook up.
  3. Issue still exists. Anyone else affected please do open support cases as they are having problems replicating. FWIW I made an El Capitan VM in VMware Fusion and the issue appears there immediately, too so not sure why it can't be replicated.
  4. FYI Endpoint Antivirus on OSX 10.11 - Same symptoms. Will PM you, TomasP
  5. +1 After planet's comments I tested it and it is actually a time-based issue. No matter what the site. After enabling web access protection it will eventually mess up browsing across a wide range of sites. Disabling it fixes the issue. And the issue does not appear for a while after re-enabling it. Memory leak ?!
  6. An example are sites running vBulletin® Version 4.1.12 Clicking on links within these sites will offer me to download a .php file. Disabling web access protection will allow me to browse these sites just fine.
  7. Web Access Protection in severely impacts browsing on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 Some content doesn't load (text from pages is displayed but no images or scripts). On other pages, such as certain forums when you submit something the browser will offer to download a .php file instead. In Zimbra Web Access, PDF previews are broken, it downloads a PDF to temporary folder instead. Observed this on 4 machines with both Safari and Firefox. No proxy server in play. Issue exists no matter if connection is a hotel WiFi, personal WiFi access point from an LTE device or WiFi here at the office. Turning off web access protection immediately lets the browsers perform as expected.
  8. FWIW I got the same issue since 6.1 Just updated to 6.2 and it's still the same: Empty package list. ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version
  9. Thats part of Google's crusade against weak ciphers etc. For example they are phasing out SHA-1 Summary The use of SHA-1 within TLS certificates is no longer sufficiently secure. This is an intent to phase them out (in 2-3 years). In order to make such a phase-out execute smoothly, rather than be an Internet flag day, we will be degrading the experience when these certificates are used in the wild. The following changes to Chromium's handling of SHA-1 are proposed: - All SHA-1-using certificates that are valid AFTER 2017/1/1 are treated insecure, but without an interstitial. That is, they will receive a degraded UI indicator, but users will NOT be directed to click through an error page. - Additionally, the mixed content blocker will be taught to treat these as mixed content, which WILL require a user action to interact with. - All SHA-1-using certificates that are valid AFTER 2016/1/1 are treated as insecure, but without an interstitial. They will receive a degraded UI indicator, but will NOT be treated as mixed content.
  10. Yes it is possible. We have this tiny SME install with 20 seats and they are almost all roadwarriors. They check in just fine when they are on the road and out of the LAN. You just have to decide how to let them check in (before you install ERA). Ideally they are on VPN so the ERA doesn't need to listen on public internet.
  11. I got caught up by this too. The admin manual mentions how policy hierarchy works out "Policies are applied in the order that Static Groups are arranged. This is not true for Dynamic Groups, where child Dynamic Groups are traversed first. This allows you to apply policies with greater impact at the top of the Group tree and apply more specific policies for subgroups. With properly configured policies with flags, an ERA user with access to groups located higher in the tree can override the policies of lower Groups. The algorithm is explained details in How Policies are applied to clients." but it seems I cannot go to a given client machine in ERA and say "Show me whats being applied to THIS client and WHERE did it get inherited from." Definitely a feature we need.
  12. Thank you so much for this much needed supplement to the useless official docu. I didn't disable SELINUX because official docu doesn't require it and the install script references some SELINUX modules so I assumed that SELINUX can stay enabled (as it should!) and the product will configure it appropriately (as it should!!) but it clearly does not. I wasted days on this until I ended up installing in a similar fashion as you describe in your text file. They really need to work on KB and Docu for ERA6 and especially the Linux side...
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