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  1. Please give an exact release time of products supporting windows server 2016.
  2. Hello every body. It was my question too. We need it very URGENT .
  3. Hello everybody and eset technical team. I am an administrator of a company that use EEA with 80 clients license. On of my cilents is a server with below system information: OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 DBMS : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP4 RAM : 12 GB HDD: RAID 5 ..... Until our company had used from version 5 it worked very good. But when we migrated to version 6 every day windows server 2008 R2 Freezes and hangs and i should restart it manually from server room. After uninstalling EEA 6.2.2033.0 server works correctly as past. I guess that there is a conflict between SQL Server 2008 SP4 Jobs or log saving and Eset Endpoint Antivirus the last version. I have requisition that fix this bug in a new version of EEA and release it as soon as. Thanks so much.
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