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  1. Has anyone else had any issues adding mobile devices after upgrading to 9.1.1295.0. When i go through and try and generate the QR code i get stuck at the below screen because i cant seem to select the accept the terms and conditions. The button is grayed out. Ive tried both Firefox and Chrome and not making any difference. PROTECT is hosted on perm if that matters.
  2. Hi MitchalJ, I can answer as to why im needing to it. I have been on ESET cloud for almost a year but im needing to move back to on-prem because i want to use Enterprise Inspector. I know that the cloud version of Enterprise Inspector was meant to be released Q4 of last year however as it hasnt been released im needing to move back to on-prem. It would also be nice if we could have ESET Cloud servers in different regions, there are firms who cant have any of their data leave Australia (where im based) and it appears the ESET Cloud server is hosted in the US, so another reason why im needing to move it back on-prem. Cheers
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