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  1. Eset detecting Utorrent as a PUA all of a sudden? What happened with the recent virus sig database? been using this for a while now has never done that. Wed/ 7/1/2015 9:12:41 AM Real-time file system protection file C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe a variant of Win32/Bunndle potentially unsafe application Event occurred on a new file created by the application: Dropbox\uTorrent.exe.
  2. This abosolutly does not work for me , shows up after step 3 with "no Selection" nothing is checked what so ever... hitting the save button does not save my selected scan objects either still unchecks a bunch of boxes.
  3. Go setup then into advance setup; add new profile, name it to User123. Use drop down menu switch to "User123" then i go to scan targets just below that. Click the setup button. There are 7 check boxes there then i check the “My Computer” one which selects all of them, then i hit ok. going back into the same setup menu again with the all the check boxes; i notice that some of the folders have been expanded, so i select the "users" checkbox that’s staring me in the face expand that then select my user profile name folder expand that then expand the desktop folder, find my drobox folder and uncheck it, hit ok. This is what i want excluded from scanning and everything else i want scanned regardless if i need to or not, Then after this what I do is go back into the same setup screen with the checkboxes to check if it save properly and scroll through the list and notice a bunch of boxes are all uncheck some are not even though everything should be checked except my dropbox folder If this makes any sense to you at all..
  4. Nope. A lot stay and a lot of check marks seem to disappear even my custom targets. I have created a new profile and it end up the same way. Why could this be. EDIT; THIS IS A FLAW, i can recreate this in various ways and the promblem still persists. this is need to be adressed whats the point of a custome scan if it doesnt work
  5. The "SAVE" button does not save the selected scan targets and parameters to the selected profile? WHY?
  6. Profiles and on demand scan;, problem is when i create a profile then select what i want scaned my scan options seem to uncheck certain things hear and there like if i want to scan everything thing but my videos folder in my user profile then save it, then go back to the profile setting i would see multiple scan diretories unchecked. Why?
  7. Oh wow seems my topic did get some attentions, yeah i have done a bunch of tinkering and tried all of the options on this thread; research came up with nothing . Couldn’t seem to get the secondary window to log anything, I have though found out that a full log is available at the end of the scan. Although it’s my opinion that i do like seeing what’s being logged at the time threats/items/files for well diagnostics, yeah im the type of person who would actually watch every individual file being scanned , its how i learn what most if not all files do/how they function. Questions like hmmm what is that file what does it do type of thing, some would say im autistic like that
  8. TomFace, awesome thanks for helping out and resonding back, im still looking into that matter. As of now i have uninstalled MSE with the ESET AV Remover tool, still have not figured out my problem for posting though. I keep my topic updated if i figure it out. Thanks guys
  9. what if i just turned off real time protection, dang should of unistalled MSE first. then installed ESET, im looking into it right now. thanks for catching that for me
  10. So i ran a smart scan and used the option; opened it up in a second window. I can see entries being logged and scrolled automatically but when i run my own custom scan with a created profile and then used the option; open up the second window , I don’t see anything being logged in. Why? I have attached a screen shot for further detail
  11. hi there, just recently installed this antivirus software and still getting used to it, and recently checked the logs for HIPS and seen a abundace of these there are dozens upon dozens of these this in the logs, is this normal? "Wed/ 3/4/2015 1:05:24 PM C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\SetPoint.exe Get access to another application C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\egui.exe some access blocked Self-Defense: Protect ekrn and egui processes Terminate/suspend another application,Modify state of another application" Is this something to worry about and how can i relieve this apart from uninstalling the software which im about to do?
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