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  1. Hi, We did try following: 1. Update Java to the latest version This didn't affect the CPU or RAM consumption. 2. Assign more RAM for Java, we found on other forums that high PCU consumption was caused by lack of memory. This didn't affect the CPU consumption neither 3. change the port for connector from 8443 to to save resources for port redirection. The CPU consumption for the redirection is so low that it didn't change either 4. try to disable autodeploy and do it manually We couldn't do this as the concerned ERA is allready in production 5. do you have issues wit
  2. Hi all, We are trying to make the ERA server and agents to run as dynamically as possible, by that we mean: We do have several group of users that don't have the right to the same ESET products and do have different policies applyed... Therefore we: Generate a peer certificate per user group Create a new dynamic group template per group Create a new dynamic group (per group) and apply the group's template To finish we generate an agent live installer for each user group That way, each agent live installer has a different certificate for each group, and so: each new agent is directly
  3. Well, finally it doesn't seems that good ! We just noticed errors in the log file: 2015-03-23 11:01:22 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 7f0ecd7fa700]: CStepProcessor: Replication slave stopped replication during initialization with reason: UNKNOWN_ORIGIN 2015-03-23 11:01:22 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 7f0ecd7fa700]: CReplicationManager: Failure of scenario (type=Regular, task_id='00000000-0000-0000-7005-000000000001', link='Automatic replication (REGULAR)' (00000000-0000-0000-7007-000000000001), current_step= [], current_step_phase=, remote_peer=host: "OUR_DOMAIN" port: 2222, remo
  4. Hi, It finally works, here is explanation of what we noticed: In the "Peer Certificates" web page, you have by default 3 certificates: Server Certificate Agent Certififcate Agent Certificate for server assisted installation When using "Agent Certificate for server assisted installation" or a certificate that we had generated through web-conosle we did have the problem described previously. But when using the standard "Agent Certificate" it works fine ! So there is really a difference between those certificates. This means that for the ERA server itself, the "Agent Certificate
  5. Hi, This server certificate is set in ERA server configuration. We just tried to restart, but it didn't help. Yes, that is also what we also what we understood of the problem... It is just like the peer certificate didn't match the server's certificate ! The /etc/ssl/era/Certification Authority BLABLABLA public key.der and other certs(agent.pfx, server.pfx) cert were created with the use of the webconsole. The differences between test and production only reside in the network: Test uses / production uses Test: Clients and server are in the same networ
  6. Hi, We will debug the situation with the points you described and keep you informed over here in this topic. If needed we will send you the logs in Private Message. Thank you,
  7. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Yes, our server cetificate has been signed with the /etc/ssl/era/Certification Authority BLABLABLA public key.der file... We also tried to use the same cetificate than the one used for client computers deployment, we still have the same error ! We have another era server on which we don't use the domain name... (only the IPs, it is all on an private network). And we don't get that error... (all setup steps are exactly the same). Any clue ?
  8. Hi all, As it is important to also manage the server on which "ERA Server" is installed, we are trying to install ERA Agent (on the same machine). Our ERA server works fine, we allready hae a certain number of devices connected and managed, but when we setup this Agent it doesn't work. For information: This Topic concerns installation on a Debian Server. This is how we proceed: We manually dowload (and put on the server): Peer certicate CA public key We download the agent and make it executable: wget hxxp://download.eset.com/download/ra/v6/standalone-installers/agent/Agent-
  9. Hi all, We are deploying the ERA 6 package on LInux (Debian 7). The ERA server is working fine (it is installed and runs without errors), to start we would like to install the webconsole on the same server (this will be split later on). As we are talking about security, we wanted to have the webconsole running over HTTPS, therefore this is what we did for the web console: Downloading the era JAVA package: wget hxxp://download.eset.com/download/ra/v6/standalone-installers/webconsole/era.war Setup the Java packages: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk Setup the Apache Tomcat web
  10. Hi michalp.. Indeed, that was the problem ! The previous unsuccessfull installation may be the root cause. May be it should be added in the Agent installation documentation errors documentation. Thank you very much !
  11. Hi, We just checked if the sqlite database of the Agent really exists: And it exists at: /var/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/data.db But we have no idea about how to check the: it is corrupted or it is not ERA database Best regards,
  12. Hi all, We are actually deploying the ERA 6 server on our Linux Debian 7.8 server to manage our licenses but we do have some troubles. The ERA server and Web console have been installed succesfully. By that we mean that installation has ended without any problem and that we can use the web console (and generate the needed certificates). But next step is to setup an agent on the server itself (as it seems to be needed), and that's were we actually do have problems. From web console we donwloaded the "Agent Certificate" and the "Certificate Authority Public Key" that were generated
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