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  1. getting ACT.0 error since 8 hours while activation? any idea?
  2. Thats great then! We should contact the main distributor in Turkey? Cause we are partner
  3. Is there any wy to change the endpoint startupscreen to the file that we select like jpf, tiff or etc.?
  4. There is a 10 minute active timeout of website. How to extend this? after 10 minutes the system logsoff and then we have to logon again? Where to set this?
  5. so the term must be LAST ACTIVE THREADS then cause the meaning ACTIVE THREADS means that the threads are currently active which not deleted, not quarantiened etc...
  6. In groups menu when we check the computers there shows a tab ACTIVE THREADS and it counts 16 for a computer of us, we check the records of the computer yes it found 16 threads but after that it cleaned 16 threads. So these threads are past threads which are not active right now already deleted by AV. Why it still show in ACTIVE THREADS? Any idea?
  7. its a software firewall issue, problem solved after firewall uninstallation
  8. installed eset endpoint av latest, after installation entered the correct code, after entering the code and activation it approved the activation however eset still shows product is not activated error, entered the code few times no success, restarted computer no success, uninstall restart install no success. A bit urgent any ideas?
  9. thank jimwillsher, actually this is not a solution just a workaround what is the comuputer name changes frequestly because of the department changes, seems like not a solution for me
  10. I have realized that the new interval for communication between the agent/client and the server is setted to 20 minutes default, which was 5 minutes at version 5 We have changed our clients to 1 minute at the previous version and everything was ok for 220 clients, and now we are deploying agent update from the eset panel to the clients to set the interval to 1 minute again, However what we need is to set this up prior installation, so that we do not need any policy update after, We are using agent live installer for installing clients and there is no option to set the interval for the package Any idea?
  11. Please check the screenshot, I can not see the computer names after i install the remote agents (not within the same network) at the Groups level Lost&Found computers However when i check the details of the computers i can see that they get the computer names correctly but they are not showing up in the list, I have also try to edit the columns from the right upper corner but there is not computer name section there? Any help? This situation is very critical we have 220 clients and if i can not get the computer names listed on that menus we will be switcihn to new solution...
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