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  1. After some testing I have determined the issue has been resolved after today's update. Thank you!
  2. Update: This behavior does not occur using ESET Smart Security versions 7 and prior. Uninstalling 8, then installing and using 7 with "Enable POP3 protocol checking" checked works fine.
  3. We currently have most of our users on MS Outlook 2010 w/ SP1 using ESET Smart security 8. Starting yesterday morning, random email messages would cause Outlook to hang, saying the program is not responding. After a forced close and re-open any attempt to open or read (reading pane) specific email messages will cause an immediate hang in Outlook. After much trial and error, I isolated the issue down to the "Enable POP3 protocol checking" feature. The problem emails must be deleted with either the reading pane turned off, or in outlook safe mode (reading pane is turned off by default). I te
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