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  1. Hello, When licnese is renewed we need to import the new license on each individual Linux server, is this license import function able to be processed through Remote Administration console? Cheers Siobhan
  2. Hello, Is there an option to protect the setup in the Linux version of file server security as there is with the Windows file server version? also is it possible to define alerts to send to an email address as we can do with the Windows versions? If I wanted to install on one host, edit the config from the Remote Administrator's configuration editor and deploy back to the server, can I then copy that configuration file to use for future installs? is there a single config file location or is the file location determined by the method of the configuration? i.e command line configuration vs web interface vs Remote administration. the reason I want this is so I can speed up installation/configuration time on my fleet of Linux servers. I want to have the basic config file ready which contains the settings for the RA server, update server and wwwi interface enabled so I can connect to my RA console without having to edit the newly installed config file. From there I can deploy any updated config settings. Thanks Siobhan
  3. Hello, just setting up a standard template configuration file through ESET configuration editor for the ESET File Secuiry for Linux product but I can't seem to find options for alerts and notificaton like the Windows products have. Is it possible this is configuratble under a different heading? We also use the inbuilt Access Setup > password protect settings in the Windows products but I can't find similar settings in the Linux server product, is there an option for setup protection in the Linux EFS for Linux? Thanks Siobhan
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