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  1. Did you make sure to push a remote administrator agent policy to your clients? I have attached the one I created for managing the actual agents. You are welcome to use it and adjust for your purposes.


    To build your own just use one of the Remote Agent policies, go down to settings, then advanced settings and toggle the security center notifications you don't want to see to off.



    Hope this helps.


  2. I should probably mention that my GRANT is probably far too broad. You may be able to restrict it to era_db first to see if this is enough access. Eg. grant SUPER on era_db.* to era@'localhost' identified by 'eraadmin'; Remember to type in your ERA account password or if you didn't set one then eraadmin should do it.

  3. I may be able to help. When in the console you can grant 'SUPER' privileges to the era user. Go into mysql like so: mysql -u root -p


    When prompted for the password use the one you have set or if you haven't set any then it is just eraadmin


    When inside mysql run this command: grant SUPER on *.* to era@'localhost' identified by 'eraadmin'; - substitute your era password.


    Then exit; and goto your installers and run the .sh file again.


    You shouldn't get the issue again plus the repair / upgrade will get you back to a working state.


    Hope this helps.

  4. I wanted to provide an update on this. I have tried to get this to work and haven't been successful yet. The major stumbling block is still the certificates. I can export them from the old system but there is no import to bring them back in. I also can't seem to connect to the mysql instance from a remote system to try a migration of the certificates table; seems like it either is not binding to tcp or a firewall is in the way.


    Anyone have any other ideas I can try?



  5. I have the new appliance setup and am ok with some manual work but the certificates really need to be imported though as the agents will not be accepted when I flip the switch on the firewall. There is an option on the certificates to export but low and behold... no import option exists.


    How can I get the certificates exported from the Windows server and imported int the OVA appliance version?



  6. It is MSSQL on Windows and will be MYSQL on Linux. I am a little weary on manually converting the database as there is no guarantee what I end up with will be 100% correct. Is there any import / export tools in ERA to handle moving the data? Also, what about license keys.. are they in the DB or on disk. I see you can export those; I will definitely export everything I can from the web console to be safe.  

  7. We are currently running ERA on one of our Windows servers but would like to move it to a Linux server instead; no point in buying a Windows license if you fully support Linux. :)


    I already have everything deployed now and would rather not start over and redo the agents. What is the best way to migrate the settings from one platform to another? 



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