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  1. Like everything else with this product, this only works about half of the time. i have desktops that are in this dynamic group and the command is never executed on them so i have to upgrade them manually.
  2. We shouldn't have to be your beta testers. This product is terrible. If there isn't some major improvements, we will be switching to something else.
  3. this is stupid. shouldn't even have to create this. it should have been set up to deploy out of the box.
  4. @tduffy I was able to successfully upgrade clients from v6.1.2109.0 to v6.1.2222.0 using a client install task. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "the upgrade breaks the install"? over half of our client install tasks failed. So i resorted to deploying the MSI installer via group policy and those failed too. If you try to run the installer manually now it fails. Only way around it is run the removal tool in safe mode. This version 6 product is JUNK and I wish I would have never upgraded.
  5. good question, i have yet to have a client upgrade be successful. the upgrade breaks the install and you have to run the eset uninstaller to fix the machine. this is ridiculous
  6. Did it not allow you to keep the current database user, or did it clear your database at all? Can you list what did/did not upgrade, did you use the same upgrade path listed in the link provided by CB530? If so, were there any issues during the process. remote administrator agent and rogue detection sensor
  7. all of my components on the RA server are not up to the new version.
  8. same here. that step confuses me. what devices do we run this on?
  9. I see no information anywhere about upgrades
  10. When downloading the latest version 6 of ERA, when trying to run the setup on the ERA server it says it's already installed. How do you upgrade?
  11. shouldn't have to have this for a simple anti-virus install. These desktops don't have access to the internet for a reason.
  12. ERA live installer is not the answer. we have desktops that do not have internet access. I also don't want my internet link saturated with clients going out to the internet and downloading the same files over and over.
  13. this is a complete joke that this version doesn't have this. it's a step backwards.
  14. Sorry but this new version is a joke. The previous versions we could deploy with group policy MSI files and be done with it. this new agent that requires internet connectivity and then having to wait for the server to push the antivirus at the desktops Is annoying. Half of my clients with agents on them won't automatically upgrade and still have version 5 on them. eset, you need to fix this product ASAP. This isn't even BETA quality in it's current state.
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