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  1. Hi, there has been in the past an exact case like I do : The problem is quite often when connecting to my lan(cable or wifi) there are strange profiles names to choose from other than default. the profile names came in triples or there were none - the profile names that popped up were :???, Pathtoexecutable; , Out, Both, DHCPv6, Localhost,Router. What was the result of the above issue in the link? Is that some kind of malware ? if not what can cause such strange behaviour ? The it guys from my office reached out for your support but since, a week went by and no response from the support. setup : endpoint - macos big sur product : standalone eset endpoint security for business latest version downloaded from the eset site in the dates of october through december 2021. default gateway - pfsense 2.5.1 network adapter of the endpoint which connected to the default gateway's lan interface - usb type c to rj45 of belkin
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