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  1. Yes, that link It does not work in normal Mode in Windows 10!
  2. I have the same problem. See here https://forum.eset.com/topic/9560-eset-will-not-finish/ Any help on this? PS - I tried to run it gain from the link above https://www.eset.com...nline-scanner/ and I had the same result as before. Where is the new version, please?
  3. Hi I have tried several times to run Eset but it will not finish, with the panel going black and a warning about EOS_v2 not working (see attachement).before it got there it finds TWO infected files, but of course it does not have time to clean them. It always seems to stop in the same place. Any idea what is happening? I am on Windows 10 qim
  4. I have the scan still goi gon, stopped at that point. Are you suggesting that I should abort scan?
  5. Hi can you help remove whatever is stopping Eset from cleaning computer? The scan stopped at 31% while checking on flo_setup_en_rs_130911.exe. The scan has been going for some 15 hours and will not move from here. help!!!
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