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  1. thank's ! you think this operation can be automated like 1 times per mounth on all the client connected ?
  2. hi, this problem happened with both 6.3 agent/console and still happens now with 6.4 agent/console. applying rename computer task is a workarround, but not a solution !
  3. Hi, We sometimes have user that install free antiviruses (like avast, microsoft essential security) on computer running EEA. I don't know why but as a result, the computer runs slowly, which is "normal". is their a way to prevent or report this kind of situation ? thanks.
  4. it seems that the process is not very reliable. even when i download locally (with gigabit connection) of the ERA server the package, it sometimes fails...
  5. yep the computers reports their correct FQDN name in the details, allowing me to execute the server task for remaning the computers. About 10% of the computers are named with reverse DNS. I am also disappointed about that in case computer has multiple network card with virtual cards (ex virtualbox), the reported ip in ERA is the fake virtual ip... totally useless !
  6. Is this first (clean) installation of AGENT 6.4? New AGENT should send it's FQDN during first connection to 6.4 SERVER and this name should be used as computer name when created in Lost&Found group (or group you selected) - but this will work only for the first connection, so removing computer won't help. Unfortunatly, this is not always working like that, cf attachement :
  7. hi, just trying the installation with bundled agent/EEA, this working great, in the specified group etc.. But, we always facing the same problem : computers joining era from a location outside the ERA LAN is named with the reverse dns of the connexion (ex : LFbn-1-7946-152.w90-1-563.abo.wanadoo.fr in France) The server task for renaming computers is only applied to the lost and found group, and i don't want to run it on all the ERA members because some computers are manually renamed. Any workarround ?
  8. hi all ! I have successfuly updated my ERA to 6.4 throught era task. i have several questions : - is there any interest to update all computers agents' 6.3 to 6.4 ? - is there a way to silently install the generated all ine one package ? - is this news release will finally show the public ip of remote computers ? thanks !
  9. Hi all, the era 6.4 release is still for tomorrow ? thanks
  10. Hi all, we have noticed several times that disabling eset protection doesn't really work. for example when we need to run mailpassview, eset delete it, and it stil delete it when we disable the real time protection (right clic, disable protection)... Any idea ? thank you.
  11. hi, thanks for reply ! in some case i can activate the antivirus with the activation key, but in some other case not, i attached un print screen with the error. the adress https://edf.eset.com/edf is reachable.
  12. Hi all, i have about 500 devices on my ERA console, with 12 licences. i have 7 devices that are not activated, (the task fails), even after push several times the product task activation, uninstall and reinstall AV and agent. There is no specific case, and no specific licence (it can be XP or 7 with EEA or server 2008 or 2012 with EFS). wath can i do to understand what happens ? Thank you.
  13. Hello, i am currently working on create users with restricted rights, and i want them to be able to execute the tasks, but NOT to create modify or remove it ! we can only check read or execute/modify actually. thanks.
  14. Hi, In fact it is possible to modifie the msi installer tu specifie everything (server adress, name, password, static group) and it is working with a manuel installation, you juste have to click next, next next... but in silent mode, groups are not considered... if someone as an idea to modifie this behaviour ?
  15. I think it is not possible the only thing you can do is to create static groups with subfolders or you will have to give rights on all the folders for each users
  16. hello, neither agent neither ERA console is able to manage anything with public ip of the computer. this is a big point for me too, but their is no solution for now.
  17. hi, i don't try yet because it's a server. i will tell you.
  18. hi, i have a problem with the presentation mode. i disabled it in my era 6.3 server policy, but it style remain activated on the client. as you can see on the print sreen attached !
  19. oh that would be fine but what kind of path do we have to provide ? hxxp://file.bat, ftp://file.bat, \\localpath\file.bat, c:\file.bat ?
  20. Hello, i know that we can execute a command or a an msi file, but it is possible to execute a bat file from ERA ? thank's
  21. hi ! thank you again for your reply and help ! finally this process works : - disabling self defence - reboot server - uninstall manually (process take a long long time to uninstall network drivers) - reboot server - manually or push install the 6.3 !
  22. hi, how do we clear the yellow flag notifying a failed client task form the task console ? thanks !
  23. hi, thanks for reply i am running the latest 6.3 era, but i don't use it to push install the clients update. the 10 times was on 10 different servers ! i try to manually uninstall v4.5. how can i uninstall collecting datas ?
  24. Hi all, i am currently upgrading all my clients servers running EFSW v4.5.xx to v6.3, and i have so much troubles... Uninstallation of v4.5.xx on windows server 2008 R2 x64 always fails (about 10 times, on different servers, brand, physical or virtual...): the uninstaller starts and bloc on "drivers uninstallation" phase. and after it's a big deal to success ! i have to stop all the msi process, hard reboot the server, execute the esetuninstall.exe /nosafemode, reboot cleanly and after that, i can install, the news version ! it's a nightmare i have dozens of server to migrate, please someone help !
  25. hi their, i will suggest that you simply show the remote public ip instead of the reverse dns name... this will be helpfull !
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