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  1. I don't think the bug has been fully fixed as I still get regular flickering in Chromium when using Nod32. It's also disappointing that ESET doesn't seem to care very much for Linux users; with only limited support for version 4 and apparently no future 'proper' updates. I did just renew my licence a few days ago, but I'm seriously thinking of cancelling it at the moment.
  2. Add another user who's been having this problem since December. I've tried Brave, Chromium, Chrome and Vivaldi and they all crash. Somebody on the Brave community forums pointed me here and, as others have mentioned, uninstalling Nod32 completely fixes the issue. I also wasn't aware the Linux desktop edition was a legacy product, though I have noticed feature updates are rare. As it stands now I'm just running Clam AV and as my licence expires in August there's very little chance I will be purchasing any future ESET products if they don't fix this problem shortly (it's been nearly THREE MONTHS already!) and if they decide not to continue supporting the Linux desktop for home users.
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