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  1. Thanks but that wasn't my question. I know how to activate them with ERA, but ERA doesn't tell me which ones need activated. The built-in dynamic group that is supposed to do that isn't working.
  2. Using ERA6 and Endpoint Antivirus I pushed the remote agent with group policy and the antivirus with ESET remote admin. Now I need to activate them but the dynamic group "Not activated security product" is empty. I can't tell which ones need activated. I tried creating my own dynamic group for this purpose but it stays empty too. How do I get the clients to tell ERA they need activated?
  3. Nevermind, I resolved this. The remote policy required the full path to the process, not just the process name.
  4. Remote Admin 6 with ESET Endpoint Security First I manually enabled the firewall at the workstation and created a rule to allow IN traffic for a specific process. It worked great. So I created a policy in Remote Admin to do the same thing - enable the firewall and add the rule. The policy is applied because it turns the firewall on, but the rule is not working. It does not allow traffic for the process. The rule is pushed to the client because I can see it appear in the list, it just doesn't work. The rule parameters are exactly the same as when I did it manually for the workstation.
  5. That article is for the ERA Agent deployement. I need to deploy NOD32 Antivirus via gpo. And it needs to include the license in the configuration so I don't have to touch 150 machines. Can I deploy the Antivirus via remote admin after the Agent is installed on the clients? That might be a workaround.
  6. I'm trying to deploy NOD32 Antivirus via group policy and I want to include a configuration file. According to the instructions at the links below I'm supposed to find a Configuration Editor somewhere. It does not look like it installed with Remote Administrator 6. All I have is the web console. Where can I build the cfg.xml file it needs? hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2185/ hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2363/
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