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  1. Hi, I am a longterm happy eset user Just a few idea's and remarks: 1) with win 8.1, I've setup a hidden administrator account and a useraccount with no rights and uac at maximum. the gui is not playing nice in this situation. 2) anti-keylogger -> encrypted keystrokes so if something gets logged it's useless 3) webcam+mic protection -> display notification/block when someone/something turns it on. (optional and with configurable exceptions for e.g. skype). (i've encountered a situation where the webcam was turned on for just a second) 4) router/hotspot detection -> if (cached) macaddress is changed, display notifcation, to prevent using fake hotspots. 5) SSL checking -> check for certificates without strong encryption, check web sessions for hearthblead and other recent vulnerabilities. this does not necessarily have to be done in the protocol filtering section. 6) a default ruleset for populair apps, optional downloadable from the website for import. /MJ
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