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  1. Lately I've been receiving email ads (junkmail/spam) from what was shown as my own eddress. I've never subscribed to any newsletter from any site, ever! I've tried to unsubscribe on just a couple because most seem to be coming from the same source. I've tried to reply in hope of getting it stopped and it simply went to myself. I don't know if this is something that ESET can root out or if there's another direction. I use IE which has served me well for the dozen plus years I've been online. My provider is Comcast (Comcost).
  2. I've been using N32 in my tower (XP) and N32 & ESS7 in a couple of laptops (W7), all total for almost 10yrs. Installation and usage w/o issues to speak of. But now comes today. I'm at my Ma's installing ESS8 into her W7 tower and up comes this same Sys Restore issue being discussed. I'll try the fixes suggested, but the reason I need to use Sys Restore was after I installed ESS8 the internet connection was disabled forcing me to Sys Restore through Safe Mode to dump the ESS8 and it's effects. I realized after writing this that it was a thread re W8 but hey, I guess your issues with ESS
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