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  1. Strangely, one of my two Windows 10 computers was offered an update to but my main computer on which I filed this report remains at and is not being offered an update a week after the other computer got the update. Does fix the problem? Is it normal for updates to be offered in this inconsistent manner?
  2. It sounds like this is a known problem and I'll just wait for the fix. Thanks.
  3. After the update to NOD32 for Windows I noticed that the weekly computer scans that I do routinely started taking an hour. They had previously taken 10 minutes. The first time I figured this was just an initial scan, but subsequent scans take the same hour. I've also noticed that the list of files being scanned used to proceed methodically through folders, but now they switch back and forth between c:\windows... and other folders such as c:\program files (x86)..... The new slowness is a bother. Is this a feature or a bug?
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