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  1. Hi, It seems that ERA 6.5 was released. Could you confirm that we can do a all-in-one package installer with Eset File Security ? Thanks for your help, Sylvain
  2. Hi, I just upgraded to 6.4 which seems to be much better than previous versions. I used the "create installer package" task to update clients. It makes a single package that install agent and antivirus, activate product and update signatures. I'd like to make the same kind of package to update servers with Eset File Security product but I don't have access to the File Security package in the repositery when I configure the installer package (see attached image). How can I add Eset File Security installer in my all-in-one package ? Thanks for your help. Sylvain
  3. Hi everybody, I am also trying to setup basic authentication for local HTTP mirror server but it is not working. I followed PatrickL post and in the ERA Console on the server, I enabled Basic authentication in "Tools>Server Options>Updates" and put a username and password in the "Remote Administrator>ERA Server>Settings>Mirror>Username and Password fields" of the policy editor. I then went to the client machine and put the same Username and Password in the Update>Profile>Settings>Username and Password fields. I then tried to manually update and I get a license detail windows asking me for a username and password. If I type again the same Username and Password, I get a incorrect username and/or password message. As soon as I disable authentication in the ERA console, updates work ! Thanks for your help. Sylvain printscreen.pdf
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