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  1. the version 10.0.369 I caused a problem of consumption of memory ram of more than 4gb for that reason to stop using it and go back to version 9 and version 10, for me, is less efficient than the version 9 that for me was one of the best hits I to keep off ransomware I have malwarebytes 3 antiransomware that has been ported to the height with a 99% efficiency
  2. Which is why they no longer want to remove the installers with the latest updates 9.0.408 is something strange and unethical I see it is annoying not to have the installers in their latest versions of the installers and only have version 9.0. 386.1 and from there doing updates when I have to reinstall in my system for some failure
  3. my question is when released into Latin Spanish this version [Eset Endpoint Anti-Virus] / [Eset Endpoint Security] 6.1.2109.0 would be good to release in more languages ​​because I want to try but is only in English
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