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  1. I found the problem, the outlook have identified the plugin as a "Trouble", i enabled it and now the problem is solved.
  2. I have a problem with the antispam module of my product, in my office 2013, with a office 365 account the product does not integrate with the office, even if i activate the option for it, someone else have the same problem? the fact of i use the 365 account change something in the office integration? Thanks.
  3. Same problem here, i've tried to use the rpm from the site, but i faced the same problem.
  4. I'm trying to install the ESET NOD32 antivirus on a Xubuntu 15.02 computer, but the graphic interface does not starts, someone with the same problem?
  5. I sent a log for Peter and he said he has identified the problem and will be resolved in the next updates of the MDC, until it should expect.
  6. I've tested my theory and it's working fine now... if the problem happens again i'll say, thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick answer , this screen shows the options of agents to install, i've been seen this era problem and maybe it has been caused by my network, sometimes i cant ping the "repository.eset.com", i'm testing this possibility, if my theory fail i will send you the logs. Thanks.
  8. I've been testing the ERA 6, and one problem has been a real pain in the , the repository works fine at start, but in sometime he just stops working, i reinstall the ERA and problem solved, one week later... same problem... anyone with the same problem?
  9. Sory for the waiting, i've been testing the ERA 6, well, it didn't not work, and i used the line send by you...
  10. Same problem here, all the ERA 6 components are ok, but the MDC dos not install at all, using a Windows Server 2008
  11. i'm installing the product again, lets see now...
  12. Now the SQL Agent service is not working well... he starts but, 1s later stops... my god this thing is annoying ...
  13. I've checked on the SQL manager and the service was not running, the problem have been solved, thanks
  14. I know, but seems to have a problem with the dns name, i'm testing the ERA now, so the ip isn't a problem, now the repository is my new problem... it seem to works fine, last time that was happening because of one of the SQL services was not running , now all the services are OK, but the ERA does not find the agent or the installations...
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