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  1. Ok I came in this morning to manually remove the client / re-install since it's only one machine. And the definitions have updated correctly, I do not have an explanation. Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2237 Windows 7 64bit.
  2. So i have been searching this out for some time now and not finding a resolution. It is only one client, I have tried clearing the update cache and forcing another update with no luck. This is managed from remote admin console. I see some other suggestions regarding deleting files on the client but i'm not finding the directories mentioned. Idea's of what directions I could take next? {edit} i did simply restart the client, no luck there either.
  3. This can be resolved. It was a DNS issue, the client was attempting to connect to the RA by name which for this particular pc wasn't going to work. Just wanted to update incase someone else hits a snag.
  4. Eset Remote Admin Console version 5.2.22 this push was successful for other test pc's
  5. I remotely pushed v5 to a test computer but it still shows on my remote install tab as un-registered. I've re-run the default scan and rebooted the win7 several times without any luck. No windows firewall on, and this was a remote push that got all the settings so it should be talking to the server no? thoughts?
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